RFQ and Caster Application Environment


1. Please describe your application, or what you want the casters to do:


2. How many casters do you require?

Swivel: pcs; Rigid: pcs; With Brake: pcs


3. Describe the floor surface or condition:


4. Floor surface debris or irregularities:


5. Harsh environmental conditions:

Excessive Heat: for minutes.
Excessive Cold: for minutes.


6. Describe the load on the casters, or equipment being used:

Maximum load on caster:
Number of casters on unit:
Total load of unit:
Will unit be pushed/pulled? What frequency? How far?
Will unit be power towed? At what speed?


7. Caster specifications:

Overall height of caster:
Size of wheel: Tread width on wheel:
Is brake required? If yes, what style?
Wheel Material:

8. Caster mounting specification:

Bolt Hole Pattern length: width:
Threaded stem size: length:
Tubular mount gauge of tubing: Inside diameter:
Hollow kingbolt (bolthole) diameter:

Other characteristics of caster (e.g., thread guards, swivel seal, stainless steel, etc.),
or caster application problem to be solved:

Please submit the following REQUIRED information with this form:







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